What to do with the shoes

Once you have collected some shoes – even if it’s just one pair – it’s really easy to get them to Shoe Biz.

  • Firstly, fasten shoes together in pairs with string or an elastic band
  • Secondly, take them to a Blue Peter Shoe Biz collection point
Did you know 500 Clarks Shoe Shops up and down the country are taking part?

  • You can also ask an adult to set up a collection point at your school or youth group. To find out more, please visit: For Grown-ups area of this site
  • Please remember: you must collect at least 100 pairs of shoes if you decide to set up a collection point.

Find your nearest Shoe Biz collection point

You’ll find Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal collection points in most Clarks shoe shops, Mothercare World shops and in BBC local radio stations. Look out for the Shoe Biz logo to find out where to drop off your shoes.

Please note that Clarks can only accept 20 pairs of shoes at any one time from an individual or a collection point. If you have more than this number, please take your shoes to your nearest BBC collection point

To find your nearest Shoe Biz collection point, enter your postcode in the box below. Ask a grown-up to help if you don’t know what your postcode is.

Over the Christmas period

Please note that BBC local radio stations are closed to the public from 5.30 on 22 December until 1 January inclusive. Your bags of shoes can be brought in again from 2 January onwards.

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Steve Gorton; UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d’Elbee; UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d’Elbee