See Why

The Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal is raising money for very poor children in Malawi like Esau, age 12, Enelise, age 13 and Mayasero, age 6. Many of the children have lost their parents and are orphans.

All the money you raise through the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal is going to help children just like them, through special children’s clubs in Malawi called Children’s Corners.

Why Malawi?

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Thousands of children have lost their parents because of a serious illness called AIDS. Without their mum or dad – or both – the children are missing out on all the things that your parents do for you. Many are all alone, with no one to look after them.

There are some grown-ups in the UK with AIDS, but it is extremely unlikely that either of your parents will ever become ill with AIDS. In Malawi though, sadly, many grown-ups become ill and many also die because of AIDS.

Why Children’s Corners?

The Children’s Corners help Malawian children cope when this happens to them. Every day, children can go to the Children’s Corner to be looked after by caring grown-ups, make friends, play games, and have something healthy to eat. Life is just made heaps better here for them.

The Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal will help set up Children’s Corners in villages all over Malawi through the help of an organisation called UNICEF. UNICEF works in over 150 countries looking after children.

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/d’Elbee