Set up a shoe collection point

If you and your friends think you can collect 100 pairs of shoes or more, then set up your own Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal collection point!.

Any school can set up a collection point, as can Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and any youth group, such as your gym club or football club.

Please remember, you’ll need to ask a grown-up to help. Ask your teacher or youth leader to log on to find out more in the For Grown-ups area of this site

How collection points work:

  • Your teacher or youth leader registers to set up a collection point online.
  • We send you Blue Peter Shoe Biz bags and information by post
  • You collect shoes (minimum 100 pairs) and fill up all the bags
  • All schools have their bags collected by the Shoe Biz recycling company
  • All other groups take their bags to BBC local radio stations

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Steve Gorton; UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d’Elbee; UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d’Elbee