Your nearest BBC radio station

The Christmas period

Please note that BBC local radio stations are closed to the public from 5.30 on 22 December until 1 January inclusive. Your bags of shoes can be brought in again from 2 January onwards.

Schools are able to organise for our recycling company to pick up bags full of shoes from the school premises. If you are a school with bags that need collecting, please click here to book a Shoe Biz pick-up.

Who should take their shoes to a BBC local radio station?

Brownies, guides, cubs and all other youth organisations running a Shoe Biz collection point are asked to please take their full Shoe Biz bags to their nearest BBC local radio station. Please do try and fill each Shoe Biz bag with 20 pairs of shoes.

Members of the public with more than 20 pairs of shoes are also requested to take their collections to their nearest BBC collection point.

To find your nearest BBC local radio station, please enter your postcode below.

If you experience a problem with this collection system, please contact us.