Wear Your Wellies Day!

On 1 December this year, we worked with schools and youth groups to organise a Wear Your Wellies Day. On this day, children paid £1 to Wear their Wellies (or any other silly shoes) to school, cubs or your youth club. Find out what happened.

If you missed out on the fun, it's not too late. Why not ask your teacher or youth group leader if you can Wear Your Wellies on another day? Ask them to visit this page on the website.

All the money you and your friends raise by taking part in Wear Your Wellies Day will help to buy blankets, food and care for children in Malawi.

Why 1 December?

1 December is special because it is also World AIDS Day.

Every year on this day, people around the world remember the children and grown-ups whose lives have been affected by an illness called AIDS.

If you missed World AIDS Day, you can still get involved. Ask your teacher or youth group leader to register for Wear Your Wellies Day to make a difference for children.


Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Steve Gorton; UNICEF UK/2006/Blue Peter; UNICEF UK/2006/Blue Peter