Download stickers and your own toetaliser!

If your school or youth group has a Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal collection point, you'll want it to look as good as possible.

We've produced some downloads to help your Shoe Biz collection point to really look the biz.

Print out our special Shoe Biz Appeal stickers to thank everyone who dontates their shoes. Keep updating your very own Shoe Biz toetaliser to let everyone know hoe well you're doing.

Once you've got your Shoe Biz collection point looking really great, you'll want everyone to know about it. Send in photos of you and your collection point and you could appear on this website. Check out the Shoe Biz gallery.

If your school or youth group hasn't got involved yet, don't worry - there's still time. Find out how to set up a collection point.

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Steve Gorton;