Shoe Biz acknowledgements

Postcode look-up for “ Find your nearest collection point”

UNICEF would like to thank Postcode Anywhere for their generous donation of unlimited credits for the postcode look-up facility on this website.

This website

UNICEF is grateful to Chameleon Net for their hard work and skill in the design and development of this website.

The Children’s Corner game

UNICEF would like to thank Complete Control for their creativity, hard work and humour in the development of the game.


UNICEF would like to thank Francois d'Elbee, Steve Gorton and the Blue Peter film crew for the excellent photography for this site.

UNICEF Malawi Office

UNICEF UK would like to thank UNICEF staff in Malawi and Children’s Corner volunteers and care workers, for their inspirational commitment to the children of Malawi and assistance in providing content for this website.

Shoe Biz jokes

UNICEF would like to thank Paul Powell for providing the Shoe Biz jokes