Set up your own Shoe Biz collection point

Any school, youth club or youth organisation, such as the Guides or Cubs, is welcome to set up a Shoe Biz collection point. Please note the following however:

  • Only adults can set up a Shoe Biz collection point.
  • We can only collect bags of shoes from schools.
  • Shoes must be fastened together in pairs.
  • If you are able to collect a large amount of shoes, please take these to your nearest BBC collection point as Clarks shoes shops can only accept 20 pairs of shoes from a member of the public, or any collection point, at any one time.

Information on setting up a Shoe Biz collection point

How it works


Firstly, complete our online registration form: tell us your name, the name of your school or the club you run, your address, a contact phone number and email address. We will only keep your email address for the duration of the appeal, unless you choose to stay in touch with us.

Please do note that only schools can organise for their bags to be collected by our recycling company. Youth organisations are requested to deliver their bags shoes to their nearest BBC Shoe Biz collection centre.

That’s really all there is to it!

What happens then?

When your form has been submitted, UNICEF needs to verify that the details you have sent through are correct - and that you are not a child. You may receive a phone call from UNICEF as part of the verification process.

Once UNICEF has checked the details and your collection point has been registered, you will then receive a confirmation email with tips on how run your collection point.

Finally you will receive five official Shoe Biz bags and an information pack by post.

One hundred pairs minimum

What we’re asking is that every collection point collects at least five bags of shoes – that’s 100 pairs (at 20 pairs per bag). Please only order more bags in the future if you know you can collect another 100 pairs.

Preparing the shoes for recycling

Before the shoes are put in the bags, please fasten the pairs together with elastic bands, tape or string, or tie the shoe laces together. Once the shoes are all paired up, please make sure there are 20 pairs in each bag. Please see the “dos and don’ts” of shoes collecting page for some tips about what shoes NOT to collect.

Where to take your bags of shoes

If you are a school

All schools with collection points can arrange for bags to be picked up by our recycling company. Collections can be arranged online here.

You will need your username and password to book a pick-up online. Please go to our lost password administration page if you have lost your login details.

If you are a youth organisation

Youth organisations with collection points are requested to please take their bags of shoes to BBC local radio stations, which have their own scheduled pick-ups. You can find your nearest local radio station online here. If you experience any problems with this, then please let us know.

Many thanks for helping to support the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal.

Downloadable resources for collection points

Photo credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d'Elbee; UNICEF UK/2006/Blue Peter