What your shoes will buy

6 pairs = eight “memory books”

Children who have lost mums and dads often get very sad about how much they miss them. Memory books give children the chance to write down thoughts about their mums and dads, and describe how they are feeling.

69 pairs = a first aid kit

This first aid kit will help a community care worker look after children with plasters, bandages or cream when they’ve hurt themselves.

109 pairs = baby weighing scales

If babies aren’t eating enough, they can become very ill and may not grow up to be healthy and strong children. By weighing babies regularly, community care workers check to see they are getting enough to eat.

330 pairs = bicycle for a community care worker

If children are living on their own, or looking after a sick mum or dad, they need extra help and care. A bicycle gives a community care worker the chance to visit children in their homes and check they’re managing to cope.

994 pairs = kitchen kit

For nine hundred and ninety four pairs of shoes we can buy enough pots, pans, bowls and plates to cook and feed lunch to one hundred children.

1156 pairs = water pump

Drinking dirty water can make children very ill or even kill them. A water pump can provide clean water for hundreds of children.