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Gunge gets pupils welly messy on World AIDS Day

Wear Your Wellies Day made a big splash across the country on Friday 1st December, World AIDS Day.

In schools, from the islands of northern Scotland to the southern shores of Cornwall, thousands of wellies were worn in aid of the Shoe Biz Appeal. The events were brilliant and loads of money was raised for children orphaned by AIDS in Malawi.

St Mary’s RC Primary School in Chippenham raised over £100. John, a pupil at the school, said: “I think everyone had a lot of fun. It was strange wearing wellies in class but it was great to do something a bit different.”

It wasn’t all about silly shoes. Schools put their heads together and came up with some wacky events. Wellies were flung, run and even gunged in contests in the playground.

In Scotland, the pupils of Gretna Primary School challenged their teachers to a 'wet wellies' race. Wearing flippers, they carried water to their wellies, filled them up and put them on before running to the finishing line. The teachers won - but more importantly they all raised £120 for the appeal.

The Blue Peter presenters went back to school to get in on the action. At his old primary school, Gethin watched pupils getting messy with wellies full of gunge. He didn’t escape either and was soaked in a mixture of porridge and feathers!

“It was such a good laugh and at the same time we raised a lot of money for the children who really need our help,” he said.

If you didn’t take part in Wear Your Wellies Day then don’t worry. Your school or youth group could still take part on a different day. Just ask your teacher or youth group leader to visit this page on the website.

If you raised some money by taking part in Wear Your Wellies Day, you can ask an adult to help you to pay your money in here.

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Photo Credits: Gretna Primary School