Children’s Corners

Eat good food

Lunchtime is one of the most exciting times of the day. Volunteers use vegetables grown in the garden to cook a healthy lunch. For some orphans, it might be the only meal they get to eat for the whole day.


Football, netball, skipping, hide and seek… Malawi might be thousands of miles away, but lots of the games the children play are the same as the games children play in the UK.

Playing can help you forget your troubles and build your confidence. Every child has the right to play.

Read and write

At Children’s Corners, children are encouraged to go to school and study hard, so they’ll be able to get a good job.

Children’s Corners are a big help to orphans who have to look after their little brothers and sisters. They know that the little ones will be taken care of while they are at school or having to work.