Films and photos

Would you like to watch films of Blue Peter presenters Zöe and Gethin in Malawi? You can see the list of available films below.


Tuesday 14 November

Film one: Meet volunteers at the Children's Corner

Wednesday 8 November

Film one: Zöe meets David Beckham part one

Film two: Zöe meets David Beckham part two

Monday 6 November

Film one: Fabiano’s story

Film two: Children’s Corners

Photo galleries

There are also lots of photo galleries for you to enjoy of Children’s Corners and life in Malawi:

  • Malawi: a child’s view:
  • In August we gave ten children disposable cameras so they could record for us their own stories and share with you the pictures they wanted to take.

The Shoe Biz gallery: a chance for you to share your photos