Children’s Corners

Make friends

Everybody needs friends. They play games with you, help you with schoolwork and chores, and even if they can sometimes be annoying, they usually make you feel better when you’re down.

At Children’s Corners, children meet other children who have the same problems as them. They help each other through the tough times and have lots of fun together as well.

Get help and hugs

Every Children’s Corner has a Community Care Worker who can give extra help to children who need it. The volunteers visit children at home if their mum or dad is very sick or if the children have problems.

They also help with chores, like cooking, and give hugs and advice when the children are sad.

Stay safe

All children have the right to be protected. Without parents to take care of them, orphans are sometimes given really horrible jobs to do by other grown-ups or taken to live somewhere they don’t want to be.

At Children’s Corners, volunteers visit the children in their homes to make sure they are okay.

Have a say

Children should be able to say what they think or feel when grown-ups discuss things that matter to them.

At the Children’s Corner, children can become Orphan MPs. These children are a bit like prefects. They offer support to other children, speak out and make sure that children have a say in how their Children’s Corner is run.

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/d’Elbee; UNICEF UK/2006/Nikki Hornzee; UNICEF UK/2005/Caroline Irby