Children’s Corners

Learn skills

It’s often mum and dad who show you how to cook, grow food, look after the house or stay clean and healthy. At Children’s Corners, orphans learn these skills from volunteers.

This helps the children know how to look after themselves better. It also helps them look after their brothers and sisters too.

Make things

Children’s Corners are places children can go to escape difficult problems and share their feelings with friends. The walls are often covered in paintings and drawings. The buildings are filled with the sounds of children singing and making music.

It’s a place to make all kinds of things, get a bit messy, do some dancing and make some noise!

Talk about feelings

Losing your mum or dad is one of the saddest things that can happen to you at any time during your life. When you’re young, you not only lose someone who you love and who loves you too, but you also lose the person who does all those things we rely on our parents to do for us. Orphans often feel lonely and scared and because they’re on their own they can sometimes get bullied too.

At Children’s Corners, orphans can talk about their problems to grown-ups and friends. Children make books and bags to help them talk about their feelings. They also learn to think of themselves as “superheroes” – because children have to be so strong to live without a mum or dad.