Help with questions about HIV and AIDS

There is information on this site that looks at some of the issues around HIV and AIDS for 7- to 12-year-old children. Our primary concern is to offer the chance for children here in the UK to help children in Malawi, and we don’t believe that it’s necessary for a child to know everything about HIV to do this.

However, we believe that HIV is an issue that is real and relevant to everyone in the UK, and that people should have an informed view. If your child or children in your class want to know more, we have written an information sheet for parents and teachers, which we will post to you on request.

This information sheet provides more detail on how HIV is transmitted and how to avoid getting it. It also gives more information on the current trends around the world. We hope that you will be able to use the sheet to give your child as much information as you feel is appropriate.

If you would like a copy of this information sheet, please click here and include your name and address in the body of your email.

We have also developed a special set of resources for teachers that are available as downloads here.

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d'Elbee