The Presenters


  • Zöe’s favourite shoes are a pair of red sparkly stilettoes because they're gorgeous and like Dorothy’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Zöe grew up in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland
  • She was in the school choir, hockey team and also won the Handwriting Cup
  • She joined the Brownies and then the Girl Guides
  • Zöe has a law degree and is a qualified solicitor


  • Konnie’s favourite shoes are Ugg boots because they’re so very snuggly
  • Konnie's star sign is Cancer
  • When she was young, her favourite hobby was drawing
  • Her favourite foods are ice-cream and roast dinner
  • Konnie loves to lounge about in comfy clothes


  • Gethin’s favourite shoes are rugby boots or trainers because he loves playing sport
  • Gethin is qualified to fly a plane
  • He loves bananas covered in custard
  • Gethin has been the leader of three county choirs
  • Gethin has only been ice-skating three times. The first time he broke his arm and on both other occasions he fell over and was concussed!


  • Andy’s favourite shoes are trainers – so much more comfortable than shoes!
  • Andy’s favourite subject at school was P.E. because he loves sport
  • The craziest thing he’s done on Blue Peter so far was the heli-bungee on the Summer Expedition
  • Andy can breakdance and beat-box. A lot of his friends call him “Andy Beatz”!
  • When Andy was younger, his favourite hobby was going rollerblading with his friends

Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Blue Peter