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Team Players meet children orphaned by AIDS in Malawi

Two Blue Peter Team Players have been to Malawi to see for themselves why children there need our support.

Charlie, 12, from London and Mica, 11, from Liverpool spent time with children their own age who have been orphaned by AIDS. They found out what they have in common, as well as how their lives are very different.

Charlie said: “Before visiting I had looked at pictures of Malawi, but when I actually arrived, I was surprised at just how poor Malawi is.

“My buddy Bon lived in a really small, not very stable house with his grandparents (as both his parents had died because of AIDS). It was so different to the houses we live in back home. It was a real shock, and really made me think of how lucky we are.

“Bon was really interested in football, like me, and was very good. I remember we watched a match together and he got really excited and cheered lots.”

Mica’s buddy was 12-year-old Patricia, who had also lost her parents because of AIDS.

“We became very good friends, even though we spoke a different language and came from different cultures. I found out how she lived and how she felt not having her parents with her,” says Mica.

Both Team Players say the experience made them want to do everything they can to support the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal – and encourage others to do the same.

Mica says: “It’s very important to raise money for the kids in Malawi, because without our support life will be really hard for them, and they will find it really had to cope. They really do need our help.”

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Photo Credits: BBC/Tim Fransham