Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal news

Dundee posties help pupils do the ‘Biz

Pupils at a primary school in North Fife are doing the ‘Biz for the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal. And now their local posties are helping them to deliver the Shoe Biz message to the local community.

Blue Peter viewer Roseanna was inspired to launch the Shoe Biz Appeal at her school, with help from her friends, Kimberley, Katrina and Iona.

Roseanna says, “I watched Blue Peter and felt sorry for the children who don’t have anything to count on, so I went to ask my head teacher if I could get involved. She told me I could organise it.”

The school’s collection got a boost when the local post service offered to lend a hand. Postmen and women are donating their shoes and visiting the school to talk about Malawi as well as inviting pupils to the local delivery office.

Katrina says, “We got a phone call from the post service in Dundee. They liked the idea of the Appeal. Now we’re making posters and flyers for villages nearby, and we had our photo taken for the local paper.”

Lunchtimes are now spent putting shoes in twos, counting them, and putting them in the Shoe Biz collection point in the school shed. Pupils are also delivering leaflets around the village encouraging residents to help with the appeal.

Sarah Ward, from the postal service, says, “The posties are all behind this. Everyone is enthusiastic.”

Roseanna's primary school is just one of over 3,500 schools and organisations that have already set up Shoe Biz collection points. Why not get your school involved?

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