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Volunteers give up their time at Children’s Corners

Through the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal, we’re raising money to set up Children’s Corners for children affected by AIDS in Malawi. Adults and children in Malawi are also doing their bit by giving up their time to help out.

Nestley started going to the Children’s Corner after his parents died because of AIDS. Now he’s older, he’s a volunteer there. He teaches football to the younger children and helps to grow vegetables in the garden for their lunch.

Nestley said: “The Children’s Corner helped me lose my sadness and I have also made good friends here. When I came here as a young boy, people helped me and now I want to do the same for the younger children. It makes me smile to see the children using their football skills that I taught them.”

Children’s Corners are run by volunteers who give up their time to help others. Nestley knows how important the Children’s Corner is to orphans like him, so he’s happy to give something back by volunteering.

You can help, too, by collecting shoes for the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal. We’re aiming to collect 500,000 pairs of shoes, so we can set up Children’s Corners in 22 villages in Malawi. Get collecting!

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