Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal news

Blue Peter kicked off its 45th Appeal today -
the Shoe Biz Appeal

Ballet, tap, line and Irish dancers, as well as rollerskaters, boxers, footballers and divers stepped out for the Appeal and launched the show with an impressive conga around the studio.

Through the Shoe Biz Appeal, Blue Peter would like to raise money to help the children of Malawi who have been orphaned by AIDS and who are extremely poor. The Shoe Biz Appeal will be working with children's charity UNICEF to set up many more ‘Children’s Corners’ in Malawi. Children’s Corners are vital because they give children the chance to play, have fun and take time off from looking after themselves and their brothers and sisters alone. Children’s Corners can also help them to deal with the loss of their Mums and Dads and encourage them to find ways to remember them.

Shoe Biz News

The Shoe Biz Appeal will raise money for children in Malawi by recycling old shoes. Blue Peter would like to collect 500,000 pairs of shoes to pay for Children's Corners in 22 villages in Malawi and help thousands of children live better lives. Every single pair of shoes donated will make a difference.

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Photo Credits: UNICEF UK/2006/Francois d'Elbee